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was founded in 2006, from the ground up, as telecommunications platform designed to deliver all types of voice messaging communications on a large scale. Our superior platform has effectively dialed billions of calls for our clients, in critical communication times. SmartCall gives you full access to its platform, which contains hundreds of voice resources, so that you can integrate voice into your business model and make that direct connection.

Our mission is improving communication through cost effective, reliable and creative telecommunication services that add value and solve problems for our customers. Whether your communication is with employees, members, constituents, parents, customers or those that have simply inquired about becoming a customer SmartCall's innovative communication services enable our clients to achieve ambitious communication goals. In addition we remove the need to invest in costly unproven hardware and software. SmartCall prides itself on delivering user-friendly solutions that enhance our customer's products and services.

Our Customers
SmartCall customers are software development companies, resellers and Fortune 500 companies alike – all looking to leverage the power of voice to achieve their goals. SmartCall keeps the platform robust, reliable and redundant, allowing its customers to focus on what they do best in their own verticals.

SmartCall is known for:

• Superior customer Service
• Being the distributed, reliable and redundant platform
• Staying nimble – listens to clients and its community when developing applications
• Giving it's customers control of the pace and prioritization of traffic
• Dialing scalability and efficiency
• Flexibility to control dialing speeds
• Real-time reporting
• Dynamic detection through proprietary algorithms
• Accessible 24/7/365


Automated Surveys
Call Transfer
Custom IVR
Lobby (control the message)


Voice Broadcasting
Virtual Predictive
Emergency Notification
Voice Broadcast for Schools
Reminder Alerts
Direct Mail



Call Tracking
Call Routing & Queuing



PBX Testing
Circuit Testing
Load Testing