Outbound Predictive

A simple outbound predictive calling solution that Smartcall Media hosts for you.


Online List Loading - Provide your calling database seamlessly online.
Custom Scripting - Create custom scripts which will guide your agents and ensure consistency and quality to each call made.
DNC (Do Not Call) Compliance - Provide us your FTC SAN or Org ID and all your lists will be scrubbed.
Automated Time Zone – upon upload of your database your leads will be tagged with their respective time zone to insure to calls are placed prior or after your schedules.
Custom Scheduling - Configure multiple start and stop times per schedule.
Call Recording - Every call can be recorded for training and call center customer service.
Call Filtering - Automatically filter out busy, no answer, fax and telco intercept results.
Answering Machine Detection - Each campaign can optionally have answering machine detection enabled or disabled, based on the requirements of your telemarketing campaign.
Dispositions - Customize as many dispositions as required on a per-campaign basis.
Custom Caller-ID – Customize your caller ID on a campaign basis.
CRM Integration - Our system can communicate with any number of HTTP enabled Customer Relationship Management (CRM) packages. If you have a proprietary CRM or one which doesn't have HTTP support, we will gladly work with you to develop a tightly integrated solution.



Increased Efficiency – Agents can increase their contacts per hour by 300% - 400% vs. hand dialing. The virtual predictive dialer keeps your agents busy and filters out unproductive calls, including: busy signals, unanswered calls, fax machines, modems, disconnected numbers, and operator intercepts, that waste valuable agent time
Reduced Idle Time – Significant reduction of unproductive agent time as talk times and contact rates increase
Productive Contacts – Reach more right-party contacts and increase first-call resolutions
Improved Customer Experience – Screen pops allow agents to view critical customer data throughout the customer contact, without asking callers to repeat information or taking call time to search for records
Better Quality & Accuracy – Monitor agent interactions for quality control, eliminate manual dialing errors with automated dialing, ensure data completeness with data entry verification, and improve service level agreement compliance
Unrestricted Scalability– Your business no longer can be confined by four walls at a specific location. Whether you have at home agents or multiple locations you can monitor and track them all as if they are in one central location. Our Predictive dialer allows you to expand your business but also helps you to preserve the same high level of control you maintain today.

Lower Maintenance Costs – A hardware-based predictive dialer typically requires a large upfront capital investment but with our virtual predictive dialer you don’t have the hassle and expense of hardware, phone lines, technical staff, software licenses and telephony cards. Since we supply everything except the agents, you eliminate the cost you’d normally spend on upgrades, maintenance and technical staff allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Reduced Cost per lead – with manual dialing up to two thirds of the calls result in no answers, fax machines, busy signals and answering machines. Our virtual predictive dialer allows you to connect with live recipients, which means significantly more connections and a reduced cost per lead.


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Custom IVR
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Voice Broadcasting
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Voice Broadcast for Schools
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