Automated Voice Broadcasting
SmartCall Media’s automated voice broadcasting solutions allow organizations to maximize their communication goals in a cost-effective, proficient manner through the delivery of automated pre-recorded professional recorded voice messages. This form of communication is so precise it is guaranteed to cut through the clutter and deliver your message faster and more effectively than ever before. SmartCall solutions are used for collections, customer care, emergency notifications, political surveys, school notifications business to business marketing and many more applications that enable organizations to grow revenue, collect payments, and improve communications through a dependable and cost-effective approach.

No hardware, No software: Nothing to install, no maintenance hassles...just streamlined solutions.
Web-Based User Interface: The interface is easy to use and comprehend providing a simple single interface to manage your communications online.
Cost Effective: constantly maintains a better return compared to all other forms of verbal communication.
Pay only for what you use: No hidden costs; you are only invoiced for usage.
Experience: Decades of experience have taught us to help our clients create effective strategies and useful concepts that are applied to your campaigns to enhance success.
Direct Connect (press 1 transfers): Connect callers directly to your call center to speak to a live agent.
Call Recording: Record your press 1 calls for review online. Excellent for monitoring and training call center representatives.
Auto Adjust calling speed: The pace of outbound calls can be adjusted on the fly automatically to meet your inbound traffic needs. Out intelligent system can be set to keep a specific number of your call center agents busy by speeding up or slowing down to maintain a steady flow of traffic for your call center. This optimizes agent utilization, keeping call center agents busy with inbound calls, but not overwhelmed.
Fast turn-around times: Have your new campaigns ready in hours instead of days or months.
Message Development: Through years of testing we have developed important scripting techniques that utilize effective copy and vocal tonalities to maximize your response rates.
Reporting: Our platform provides real-time access and immediate online reporting of campaign results.
Automated Right-Party Verification: Verified you are speaking to the correct person without any agent intervention. This is often achieved by having the recipient confirm the last 4 digits of their social security number or other qualifying data.
• Quality: From creation to implementation we demand the highest level of service you will come to expect from us. We use only the best creative talents, vocal talents, audio quality, delivery methods and delivery platform to guarantee you the success you deserve.

SmartCall’s automated voice broadcasting solutions reach contacts faster and more effectively than any other contact alternative. SmartCall’s automated communication solutions allow organizations to:

  • Deliver timely automated voice messages to members or groups in a cost-effective manner.
  • Improve response rates by enhancing the efforts of existing communication methods through automation.
  • Improve customer service, maximize member communication, reach constituents and do all this in a more timely fashion compared to traditional methods of communication.
  • Reduce communication costs by replacing more expensive forms of communication with more effective and efficient automated messaging.

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