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It's time to have a conversation with your audience! These engaging applications allow your audience to give you live feedback!

• Mass Conferencing – Whether you are hosting 300, 3,000 or 30,000 people in a virtual meeting, you can connect everyone in your audience clearly and easily. You can also poll your audience with our survey resource, allowing you to gain immediate feedback. Take and screen live questions in real-time from your listeners and answer for the benefit of your group. This application can be managed at your fingertips from a simple web-based screen.

View a screenshot of our Conferencing Control Screen

• Survey – Are you curious how your new product is perceived? Are you wondering how to improve your service? A simple or complex survey is the answer. Gain honest, qualified research from your audience by asking a series of questions via telephone. Continue the conversation based on their feedback, and direct people to a waiting live agent. This might be the most flexible application for you. It can handle speech recognition, call transfers, unlimited branching and more!

Look at how survey results compare to actual election results

• Call Transfer – If you want to give your audience instant gratification, this feature allows them to press any digit you direct for them on their phone to be immediately connected to a live agent. Speaking with your prospect right when they’ve expressed interest is an invaluable option.

• Vote
– Measure the opinion of your targeted audience with this exciting application. Ask your constituents to press 1 or say “yes”. With real-time reporting you can measure responses by the second.

• Customizable IVR – The automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application is both proven and highly configurable. You will have a personal, pre-recorded voice menu from which a caller can make a selection and easily obtain information or process a transaction. SmartCall’s Customizable IVR does not require any hardware or software, making it seamless you to implement. It also provides extensive tracking and reporting, no matter your company size.

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