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Send personal and direct messages for your audience. We deliver these messages with ease.

Voice Broadcasting – Let your voice be heard. Deliver hundreds or millions of personalized, consistent phone messages with this application. The platform effeciently manages your phone lists, quickly records personalized messages, and plays your unique message for answered calls or voicemail boxes.

Predictive Dialing – Streamline your live audience outreach with this application for your live agents, which dials a list of numbers and only connects the answered calls to a live agent. This application ensures that the customer and agent connect immediately for both parties.

Telemarketing – We can offer contact center services which give you access to skilled telephone professionals allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies. Let our experience in contact center technologies meet your telemarketing requirements.

SMS – SmartCall provides an effective, easy and simple mobile solution for businesses to expand their reach. The power to reach the consumer through their mobile devices is enormous and the opportunities to expand your business utilizing the power of mobile marketing is almost limitless. Whether you are an independent business looking to expand your leads, a mobile marketer looking for a platform to conduct campaigns, or an advertiser looking to augment your marketing programs through mobile-we've got you covered.

Emergency Notification – If you need to immediately warn people about an existing or impending threat, we can help. Do you need to reach your First Responders? This application will consistenly deliver a high volume of automated messages at once. Using Smartcall, you can prioritize the order in which to contact multiple phone numbers. Once receipt of the message is confirmed, no other numbers for that recipient will be contacted. This comprehensive solution will help you alert your audience when it matters most.

Reminder Alert – Instantly alert, notify, or remind your audience about political forums, product updates, appointments, payments due, and more! This will help your clients run an efficient and profitable business.

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